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We consider ourselves to be a CHICAGO PARTNER for any organization or event planner who is not based in Chicago. Let us be your stage, sound and lighting company.

Your Chicago Partner

At RedLine one of our most logical customers is the out of town client planning an event in the City of Chicago. Event planners, production companies and technical directors don’t have to come to Chicago empty-handed. We are here for you. We have years of experience dealing with Chicago venues, vendors, union labor organizations and the city itself.

labor – Union and Non-union Chicago Stagehands

Chicago venues have a very strong union labor presence and some of the most complicated jurisdiction issues to go along with it. These jurisdictions are not obvious, and it is surprising to see who does what from venue to venue. It is not abnormal for six or more unions, as well as non-union labor stagehands, to be involved in the set-up and operation of a single event. 

RedLine will work closely with you to put together talented union and non-union crews to handle all the technical aspects of your production. In the end, RedLine will provide a solid, well-thought-out labor call that will save you money.

vendors – Choosing a sound, stage and lighting company

In every big city there are hundreds of vendors whose quality and expertise are all over the board. One stage and lighting company may be able to do the job or provide the stage equipment and lighting, but their ability to do so does not necessarily make them the right vendor for you.

Every company has a specific niche which they have carved over their years of doing business in the Chicagoland area. Our in-depth knowledge of these vendors gives us the ability to provide the right tool for the job. Also, our strong relationships with company owners and managers will assure that the companies involved in your event will do whatever it takes to make it a success.

From finding Chicago stagehands to hiring an expert stage and lighting company, Contact RedLine - Your local sound and lighting company resource for quality equipment and Chicago stagehands.

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